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Standardy / Standards

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

We are committed to maintain strict standards when running our operations and projects.

Operations standards:

- Triple bottom line responsibility – Ecological | Social | Economical

- Openness & Collaboration

- Constant improvement approach

- Open software & platforms usage

- Financial transparency & low cost operations

- Social media usage

- Advance technological operation

- Open know-how exchange

Projects standards:

- Innovative

- Feasibility | Replicability | Comprehensiveness | Transparency | Sustainability

- Creative Commons Licence usage –

- Multiple stakeholders engagement

Our Projects

Team standards:

- Diverse team

- Full individual responsibility

- Equal opportunity employer

- Gender balance

- Volunteers & Trainees engagement

- 1/10 of time dedicated to individual education & creativity

Poslání / Mission

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Inspire, support and implement imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a radically better world.

We focus on research, application and promotion of social innovation* in areas of:

- Social entrepreneurship

- Sustainable & Socially responsible design

- Co-working & Co-creation

- Green innovations

- Car sharing

- Power mapping

- Community engagement

- Smart philanthropy

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

- Social impact management and measuring

- Social media

- Public Private Partnership

- Clusters

- Social investment

- eHeath

- Online colaboration

- Microfinance

* „Social innovation“ refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas and procedures that meet social needs of all kinds – from working conditions and education to community development and health – and that extend and strengthen civil society.

Koncept / Concept

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Innovation Tank is civil organisation actively working in area of social innovation.

Our concept is based on following premises:

- Current society is facing wide range of social, ecological and economical problems

- The problems are complex and the solutions have to reflect this complexity

- The solutions can be discovered and implemented by using wide range of social innovations

- Management of complexity demands engagement of multiple stakeholders

- Creativity, open sharing and collaboration are key to innovative process

- Constant and intense research & prototyping is necessary

- Scaling, diffusing and sustaining innovation needs facilitation

- Diversity and openness needs to be promoted

- Innovators access to resources need to be fostered

- Imaginative and enterprising initiatives supported

Our Mission